Friday, June 01, 2012

Prayer for Serenity

Considering the failures, mess and dissapointments I'm going through right now, how do I cope up with these things which seems to be turning out the way I didn't want and expected them to be?

I found the answer in this prayer.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Trying..or rather, Struggling to Write Again

Date today: May 31, 2012
Date last posted: September 15, 2011's eight months since my last post. Going over my posts somewhat surprised me because I can't seem to believe I wrote it. This blog has been my medium to practice materializing my thoughts in print. I really didn't stop writing. I still write but it's more of impersonal pieces like business correspondence letters.

Currently, I'm writing news as part of my job so that means simply presenting and positioning facts. I really don't know but I seem to find it hard expressing my thoughts.

Why can't I write as easily and as articulate as before? I am having a hard time speaking my mind through printed words. What's happening to me? =( In fact I'm currently having a hard time making this post.

I remember what my parents told me about talents. They said God will take away talents that are not used. Perhaps I'm not really using my "talent" to the fullest that's why it seems that my Giver is taking it away from me. I hope not though.=(

Anyway, hopefully I'll really regain those inner whispers, the voice within, which I seemed to suppress during these past years. Yes I heard it but I get caught up in the everyday rigors of living with all the worries, doubts and fears of the outside world which have been enmeshed with my inner voice.

 But seems it would take effort on my part to bring it back, to see my thoughts taking its form in written words.

 So help me God.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

Miracle Testimonies from World Youth Day

Are You Called to Go to World Youth Day?
By Mike Gibson

Do you think you are called to go to World Youth Day? Have you considered it? Do you automatically come up with a “no” using your rational mind? Do you come up with many excuses? Do you give God a chance to answer the question? Do the obstacles seem to be too much? Have you given God a chance to work miracles in this regard? Did he not multiply the five loaves and the two fish (and have an abundance left over)? Did he not calm the sea in an instant? Did he not continually work miracles in people’s lives when they believed? Do you think he can work miracles in your life today?

So, where are you? Maybe these are challenging questions. Maybe money is a big issue for you in this difficult economy. Maybe it is hard to see that our God is a God of abundance. Maybe you haven’t seen many miracles in your life. Maybe you believe Jesus did perform miracles back then, but it is hard to believe he can work miracles for you in this particular area. Maybe you are like the man in the bible that says he believes, but asks the Lord to help him in his unbelief.

I am writing this as a testimony that God does work miracles in people’s lives. I can testify that he did one for me concerning my decision to attend WYD in 2005. You can call the process a miracle, maybe many miracles, or perhaps “grace”, but the idea is that He was doing something wonderful for me in that decision-making process and onward.

The journey began when I received good advice from a Sister. She said to pray and ask God if he is calling you to go to WYD. I was unemployed at the time. At first the idea sounded ridiculous, but I did pray about the possibility. Different things in my prayer life and ordinary life seem to keep encouraging me onward, so I took it one step at a time. This sister told me to just act as if you are going. God will either provide the means and open doors, or various doors of opportunity will close for you. I took her advice and was amazingly surprised at how the journey unfolded before my eyes.

I began taking important steps along the way. I helped at some fundraisers, realizing that my work would either help me or others go. I continued praying and entered into the spiritual journey with others who were considering the trip. Each step along the way became ever more amazing. As time went on in this process, a job opportunity opened up, and I accepted. Because of the timing, I felt this was another encouragement from God and his way of helping me to provide for the trip. As many more doors opened ahead of me, my gratitude deepened, and I became ever more convinced that God does work miracles in our lives both big and small.

I can testify to many of the simple and larger miracles before and after the trip, but there is too little space here. Whether you call it a miracle or grace, I did get an overwhelming sense of how much God loved me.

I simply want to convey to any one reading this that He also loves you in a deeply personal way. I also want to encourage you to pray and discern if God is calling you to attend the upcoming WYD in Madrid. If you get any kind of positive sense that God may be calling you, follow that calling one step at a time. Whether the steps are easy or more difficult for you, just know that the adventure with Jesus during the process will be priceless and eternal.

World Youth Day 2011!!!

To be in Madrid Spain this August 2011 for the World Youth Day - this is my greatest goal, so far, for 2011.

It seems impossible since it entails big, and yes it's really big money. Moreover, I know that with God there is nothing impossible. So, in the midst of doubts and fears, here I am,with my heart really desiring and hoping for it - to be in Madrid Spain this August 2011 for the World Youth Day!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

nice to be here!!!

just dropping by..migosh..its been soooooo long since my last post..nwy am still alive..will be back..soooon!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Generosity is all about Sharing with Love

This post is worth sharing. It's from one of my favorite authors, Bo Sanchez. He may be known as someone " spiritual" or "holy" which is oftentimes attributed to being "corny." But well, guess that's just how the world's standards are. On the contrary, he's more of practical spirituality, that is, showing God in simple and practical ways. And I'm proud to say that he's one of my constant inspirations. And yes, he has always been an instrument of God's love and presence. So here's one of this truly inspiring articles. And it's truly, really worth reading. Read on....

Have You Received The Rewards Of Your Giving?

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon playing with my boys.

We drew spaceships, airplanes, and roller coasters. We played a video game. (Can you imagine me, a 43-year old guy, playing with his 4-year old kid, Mariocart? I’m nuts.) And finally, I brought Francis to the barbershop. We didn’t have a car yesterday, so we rode the tricycle together. Francis loved it so much. Every time we passed over a hump, he raised his arms and said, “Wheee!”

When we were in the barbershop, Francis had so much fun getting his haircut, making faces on the mirror, twirling on the barber’s chair, laughing and singing the entire time. He was so happy.

But guess who was happier? The Daddy, of course.

Yesterday, I was generous with my time with the kids. Despite a mountain of work that I had to do (including this article), I put it all aside and spent time with the boys.

Instantly, I receive the reward of my generosity. Just listening to the happy laughter of my kids was music to my soul. It made me feel wonderful. It removed my stress, made me healthier, and refreshed my spirit.

Friends, there is an absolute law written in the fabric of universe. It states, “When you give, you will receive a reward.” Always. No exceptions. Oh yes, there can be delays. Sometimes you’ll have to wait for a long time. But the reward will always come.

And the Bible also says that we will receive more than what we give. Example: In the years to come, I know I’ll receive an even greater reward for spending time with my kids yesterday. Because they’ll grow up to be men secure in their father’s love.

It doesn’t end there. In Heaven, I’ll receive even greater rewards. (More on this next week.)

Let me explain why you get rewards.

Too Full To Receive Anything Better

In my talk yesterday, I showed people a big fishbowl filled with grey stones. It was overflowing with them. I then showed some gold nuggets. (Okay, they really weren’t gold nuggets. They were stones covered with gold paper, but don’t spoil my illustration. Imagine them to be really gold nuggets!)

Even if I wanted to put gold nuggets in the bowl, I couldn’t, because it was already filled with stones.

This is a perfect picture of a selfish person.

God is a generous God. He wants to give us better things. But He can’t do that if there’s no space to receive new and better things in our lives.

I then removed one stone from the bowl. I explained to the audience that the first reward of giving is “space”. And space is beautiful. Space means we can grow.

I placed one gold nugget in the bowl, and explained, “Some people give only a little and so receive only a little. But there are people who give more,” I explained, removing more grey stones from the bowl, “and thus create more space for God’s new blessings.” I quickly filled the bowl with more gold nuggets.

Remember, when we don’t receive much, the problem is not in the Giver. The problem is in the Receiver. The Lord wants to give more to our lives (that’s His default posture), but the Receiver has not created enough space to receive more.

And friends, the universe abhors space. The universe will fill up that space with better things.

But what if you don’t get your rewards?

Real Generosity

One person asked me, “But Bo, I’ve been giving and giving and giving all my life—but I haven’t been receiving my rewards!”

Perhaps because it may not be generosity at all.

You see, there are two types of giving that happens in the world.

1. When we give because we love

2. When we give because we want to be loved

Look. There’s nothing wrong if you want to be loved. It’s your most basic need. But friends, never use generosity as a way of getting love. That’s toxic. You call that co-dependent love and it’s lethal. Pleasing people so that they will love you is slow suicide.

If your “Love Tank” is empty, you need to do two things. First, ask God to love you. And second, love yourself. Unless you learn to be generous to yourself, your generosity will not be real.

My friend Mila (not her real name) was such a woman. She always gave gifts to her friends. Food. Clothes. Flowers. Sometimes, expensive stuff like cellphones and Ipods. People would tell her, “Oh, you’re so generous.” But deep within, I know Mila is one of the most miserable people on earth. She’s constantly depressed. Because she has no true friends. Her friends are there simply because she gives them stuff. People abuse her constantly, asking things from her.

Mila isn’t receiving the rewards of her generosity because she’s not really generous. She is needy.

When you give out of need, you will become even more needy. But if you give out of love, you will receive more love.

Remember the bowl with grey stones? Mila gives away her white stones—creating space in her heart. But because she’s giving out of need and fear and not out of love, misery and bitterness fill up that space she created.

I repeat: Real generosity is giving out of love, which fills our lives with more love.

And let me share with you the biggest reward of generosity.

The Greatest Reward Of Giving

My friend and fellow preacher Arun Gogna just came from Japan. He met a Filipina there who told him a wonderful story.

Years ago, this Filipina married a Japanese man. Her husband was earning very well and asked her to manage his money. So every payday, he gave all of his money to her.

This Filipina loved God and wanted to follow Him in the area of giving. So she gave 10% of her husband’s earnings to the Lord. When the husband—who was an atheist—found out about it, he asked her, “What are you doing with 10% of my salary?” She said, “I give it to my God.” The amazing thing was that he didn’t object at all. He let her be. So she continued to do it every single month.

Here’s the great news: A few years later, this man converted and is now a baptized Catholic. Today, with his wife, he serves in a ministry in a Church in Japan.

What’s so beautiful about this story? Even before he got baptized, he was already generous to a God whom he didn’t fully know.

My point?

Generosity brings you closer to God.

Let me tell you why.

Your Heart Follows Your Treasure

Last year, I bought stocks in Ayala Land.

I noticed that whenever I read the newspaper, I would be very interested to read anything about Ayala Land. I would read their Ads. I would ask people in the industry about what’s happening to this company.

Before I bought stocks in this company, I didn’t give a hoot. I didn’t care. I didn’t read their articles or their ads.

Why the change? Simple: The Bible says that my heart follows my treasure.[1] Wherever my treasure goes, my heart will go there too.

When your money goes to God, your heart goes to Him as well. Yes, even if He really doesn’t need your money.

Tithing Is A Declaration Of

God’s Importance In Your Life

God doesn’t need your money.

But why is it that the Bible says over and over again, “Give the first fruits of your harvest to God”?[2] Yes, God doesn’t need your money, but God wants what your money represents. Money represents value. What do you value the most? When you make God your first expense, you’re saying that God is first in your life.

Tithing is a declaration that all things—including your life—belong to God. The Biblical standard of 10% is a fantastic guideline to follow. When you give 10%, you’re saying that 100% belongs to God. Tithing is your declaration of God’s ownership over your life. God gave all that you own. When you die, you’ll give it all back. So all you have is lent to you. You’re a steward of His assets. As stewards, you use material blessings for His purposes. That’s what you declare when you tithe.

Friends, I invite you to give because you love.

And receive the fantastic rewards of generosity.

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Questions that sustain your leadership

Got this from I'm quite busy as of now so I'll just post it here at this moment. Will just be reading it later.

“JUDGE A person by their questions, rather than their answers.” – Voltaire

The willingness to ask questions coupled with the discipline to seek out answers separates leaders from followers. Influencers question assumptions, inquire about the environment around them and probe into the future. They have an insatiable appetite to learn and they convert their knowledge to action at light speed.

Value of questions

While leaders constantly investigate their surroundings, the most important questions they ask are the ones they pose to themselves. By routinely questioning their goals, motives and purpose, leaders renew their self-identity along with their sense of perspective. Consider the following benefits of examining yourself as a leader.

1) Quality questions create a quality life.

You only get answers to the questions you ask. If you won’t dare to wrestle with the tough dilemmas in life, then you’ll live small.

2) Focused questions stimulates creative thinking.

A well-considered question penetrates to the heart of the matter and triggers new ideas and insights.

3) Honest questions lead to solid convictions.

Inquisitiveness clarifies morals and beliefs. Values are shaped when you force yourself to be truthful in answering tough questions about where you stand on key issues.

4) Correct questions help us find ourselves and our mission.

Tackling life’s biggest questions brings direction and meaning to life’s journey. Bob Buford captures this thought in his book, The Second Half.

What is your passion? What have you achieved? What have you done uncommonly well? How are you wired? Where do you belong? What are the ‘shoulds’ that have trailed you during the first half? These and other questions like them will direct you toward the self your heart longs for; they will help you discover the task for which you were especially made. Throughout your years in leadership, if you know the right questions then you will ultimately gain the right answers.

Questions I ask myself as a leader:

1) Am I investing in myself?

This question probes your commitment to personal growth. An empty glass won’t refresh anyone. Before you can influence others, you need to contain something worth offering to others.

Don’t be content to stockpile knowledge. Once you’ve ascertained a new insight or developed a skill, pass on what you’ve discovered. A learner builds reservoir of learning, whereas a leader becomes a river of learning for others.

2) Am I genuinely interested in others?

This question delves into motives. As J.P. Morgan cynically observed, “A man always has two reasons for doing anything – a good reason and the real reason.” Since leaders are inclined to figure out situations before anyone else, they have capacity to take advantage of others.

For this reason, it’s essential to regularly question your motives. There’s a fine line between manipulation and motivation. The former moves people for personal benefit, while the latter moves people for mutual gain.

3) Am I doing what I love and loving what I do?

This question determines passion. You will never find your passion doing work you despise. If you go to work only to fulfill processes and functions then you’re in jeopardy of losing your humanity and turning into a machine.

“Find your passion and follow it,” is all the career advice you’ll ever need. Passion gives you the edge by endowing you with more energy than others have.

4) Am I taking others to a higher level?

This question has to do with mission. Regardless of your industry, as a leader, you’re in the people development business. Fulfilling your mission depends upon lifting the performance of those you lead.

As Zig Ziglar says, “You can get everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” By adding value to those you lead, you’re investing in men and women with the potential to multiply your influence exponentially.

5) Am I taking care of today?

How you treat today speaks volumes about your likelihood of success.

In fact, if I spent one day observing your priorities, behaviors, and interactions with people, then, with about 90 percent accuracy, I could let you know your leadership potential. Why would I be so certain in my judgment? Because I’ve learned that the secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda.


The great artist, Pablo Picasso, once remarked, “Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.”

I tend to agree, and I think Picasso’s observation carries truth for leaders as well. Regardless of your technical skill or relational charm, you’ll be inhibited as a leader until you learn the art of asking questions. Knowing how has merit, but influencers will always be the men and women who understand why.